Champion Steez Windbreaker


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Introducing the Fliexports “Champion Steez” Nylon Hooded Windbreaker – Where Style Meets Victory!

Elevate your fashion game to championship levels with our latest creation, the Champion Steez Nylon Hooded Windbreaker. Crafted by Fliexports, the high-end streetwear authority, this iconic piece encapsulates the spirit of a world champion. Tailored for the fashionable trendsetters who recognize exceptional style, the Champion Steez Windbreaker is your key to standing out in any crowd.

🏆 **Crafted for Champions:**

Inspired by the world’s finest athletes and their unwavering commitment to excellence, our windbreaker embodies the spirit of champions. Its sleek design and flawless construction make it the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing less than the best.

🌬️ **Unparalleled Wind Resistance:**

Face the elements like a true champion! The Champion Breeze Windbreaker boasts cutting-edge nylon technology that offers unparalleled wind resistance. No matter how fierce the gales, you’ll remain protected and stylish.

🌟 **Distinguished Elegance:**

Designed with the discerning trendsetter in mind, this windbreaker exudes a timeless elegance. The minimalist silhouette is complemented by a luxurious, breathable hood that adds a touch of mystique to your look.

💨 **Lightweight and Versatile:**

Whether you’re conquering the urban jungle or venturing into the great outdoors, the Champion Steez Windbreaker is your steadfast companion. Its lightweight design ensures mobility, and its versatility ensures you can effortlessly transition from day to night.

🌐 **Global Appeal:**

Just like a world champion’s reach extends across borders, so does the appeal of the Champion Steez Windbreaker. With its global aesthetic, this piece transcends boundaries, resonating with fashion-forward individuals worldwide.

🌍 **Join the Elite:**

Join the ranks of those who understand that true style is synonymous with being a champion. The Champion Steez Windbreaker is your statement piece, telling the world that you’re not just following trends – you’re setting them.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of fashion history. Elevate your style, embrace the champion within, and make a statement that resonates with the world. Fliexports welcomes you to the realm of the Champion Steez – where every day is a victory, and style is the ultimate prize.

  • This coaches jacket features an antique brass 6 snap front closure to help protect you from the wind
  • Built to last, it’s created with nylon for durability and protection from the elements with a waterproof coating
  • The jacket was given a water resistant rating since the seams are not waterproofed, which may allow water to eventually enter through snap front closure or the seams when exposed in water for extended periods of time
  • Comes with elastic cuffs, underarm grommets, and a drawcord closure at the bottom opening for comfort
  • Contains inner PU coating breathability of 5,000
  • Comes with a drawcord closure at bottom opening for comfort


  • 100% nylon 330D with Interior PU waterproof coating
  • Nylon Outer Shell: Waterproof Coating = Level 3
  • Inner PU Coating: Breathability/Permeability = 5,000
  • Water Pressure Resistance = 10,000 mm
  • #5 DTM body coil zipper
  • matte metal zipper pull
  • rubber zipper pull tab
  • zipper garage
  • fine mesh hood liner
  • 3 panel hood
  • scuba neck
  • round poly drawstring
  • hidden snaps inside front pocket flap
  • side slit pockets
  • tightening toggle at waistband
  • elastic cuffs

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