We just wanted to shed the light on one of the organizations that have an awesome effort towards helping those in need in our beloved hometown of Flint, MI. The hype around the Flint Water Crisis has died down but the problem still remains. The public eye is not as strong at this point but there are people that are still trying to do what they can to help and Flint4Flint is a prime example.

flint4flint2FLINT4FLINT: “Our goal is to help provide a more immediate, environmentally friendly solution to the Flint Water Crisis. A Michigan based company, Mill Brook Water Company’s (MBC) local distributor Rick Falck, has agreed to parnter with FLINT4FLINT.

FLINT4FLINTand MBC will install water coolers in the homes of residents, one family at a time, AT NO CHARGE. We will deliver approximately 55 gallons of water to each of these homes, once per month, until a long-term solution is found.

MBC has also agreed to employ part-time workers, from the city of Flint, to assist as the funding grows, and the number of installments increases.

At minimum, we need 150 people to contribute $10 per month, on an on-going basis. This would allow us to service 8-9 homes per month. ”

Please visit them at http://www.flint4flint.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Flint4flint/


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