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    Fliexports is garnering National attention but we said we always wanted to keep something special for NeTorrey McGill's hometown of Flint, MI and surrounding areas.

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    We want to welcome you to! Stay tuned and get ready to take flight as we are implementing some changes to continue to elevate the brand as we reach for new levels.

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About Fliexports

FLIEXPORTS is an apparel brand created in 2015 by NeTorrey McGill a native of Flint, MI. The brand was launched with the intention of being a national brand that the people of Flint could call their own. Fliexports design style is a combination of upscale streetwear with the refinement you'll find in popular luxury brands. We are much more than a name or print on a shirt. We are designing pieces with the pride that is commonly displayed by the people of Flint, MI and many other blue collar cities. Our mantra is "Aim + Higher" , what we mean by that is do not sell yourself short. Keep working on being a better version of yourself! This is what we are aiming to do as a brand as well. The plane that we use symbolizes "Going Places" as in your next destination.

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